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Faded, dull or oxidized paint?

I looked at the hood and was horrified to see the level of oxidation. 😵

As you can see, the paint was very dull (not yet chalky) and covered with water spot stains.⠀

Paint typically gets visibly dull and rough after approximately 2 years in the elements – without protection.⠀

Faded and heavily oxidized paint can often be restored (to a point).⠀

Of course, light paint oxidation isn’t necessarily the kiss of death.⠀

Yup! It’s true that light oxidation can be easily removed. It simply takes regular paint cleaning with a clay bar.⠀

On the other hand…⠀

Heavy oxidation (recognizable by a completely dull, chalky surface) is likely beyond complete restoration.⠀

There’s hope though!⠀

I can confirm that even thoroughly oxidized paint can be polished to bring back shine. It’s not uncommon.⠀

Without a clearcoat, restoring the paint generally isn’t realistic. You can forget about fixing the damage if your color coat has already weathered away and exposed the primer.⠀

There is no way around the fact that polishing won’t restore a clearcoat once it totally fails due to heavy oxidation.⠀

🔰Prevention is Always Best⠀

• Try not to park your vehicle outside (at least on a regular basis).⠀

• While you can avoid sun fade and oxidation damage with regular polishing and waxing, using a car cover is your best bet.⠀

Keeping your car waxed or sealed is like lotion to protect your skin from sun burning.⠀

Let us transform and keep your vehicle to it’s prime version.⠀

🥇San Diego’s Automotive Aesthetics Specialists⠀

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