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Victor G. | Mindful Detailing

Victor Gomes | FOUNDER & CEO

   My purpose is to provide my customers with an enhanced driving experience by creating a purified, bright, and protected car atmosphere.
   As a yoga enthusiast and pianist, I understand the importance of being in a clean environment and its positive impact on our well-being.
   I started my journey in a well-known auto detailing studio, where I perfected the art of detailing and learned how it can promote focus, attention, energy, strength, and mindfulness.



Our team is dedicated to providing you with a professional car detailing service that embodies our passion, integrity, wisdom, strength, patience, and mindfulness.

When you contact Mindful Detailing, you will have direct communication with our team at all times. This is because we are a dedicated and mindful group of perfectionists who take great pride in providing a personalized car detailing service. There are no intermediaries or a head office, ensuring that you receive an exceptional service from our team, who value their work and uphold the highest standards of integrity. 

Located in the heart of San Diego, our team at Mindful Mobile Car Detailing understands the importance of keeping your car looking its best in this sun-soaked city.


5-Star Rated Automotive Aesthetics Specialist in San Diego

"The Art of Detailing is like a meditation.
Mindfully focused in the moment to exceed expectations."

-Victor G, The Master Detailer

Tesla ceramic coated by Mindful Mobile Car Detailing 2.jpg


We are a 5-star rated, Mindful Auto Detailing Service located in San Diego, CA.


Our services include top-of-the-line paint correction, ceramic coatings, steam cleaning, and ozone treatment.


ℹ Our website has all the services information provided, as well as packages needed for clients to be able to schedule appointments online.


🎯Our mission is to give our clients the opportunity of living the Benefits of Being in a Purified, Enhanced, and Protected Car Atmosphere.

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