San Diego's 5-Star Rated Automotive Aesthetics Specialist

"My Purpose is to give my Customers the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of being in a purified, bright and protected car atmosphere."


   Since 2007, as a Yoga Enthusiast & Pianist, Victor realized the significance of being in a pure environment and it's impact on how people feel.

   Since that time, Victor began his endeavor in a famous auto detailing studio mastering the art of detail and it's connections with focus, attention, energy, strength and mindfulness. 

Customer is King

Professionally Serving You with Integrity, Wisdom, Strength & OCD Cleaning-tendencies with

Passion, Patience, and Mindfulness.

When you call Mindful Detailing, you call Victor Furquim. There are no secretaries or head office and the reason for this is simple: Victor is a mindful perfectionist, as such, you can be sure of an auspicious personal service from The Mindful Detailing specialist and his crew with unquestionable work integrity.


5-Star Rated Automotive Aesthetics Specialist in San Diego

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 "The Art of Detailing is like a meditation.

Mindfully focused in the moment to exceed expectations."

  ~Victor F, The Mindful Detailer