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🍃Maintenance Plan 

The Maintenance plan is dedicated to keeping your vehicle enhanced and protected on a regular basis increasing your Car longevity and Your self-esteem.
  "There are a number of reasons for keeping your car clean. It can boost the vehicle's resale value, prevent corrosion and rust, protect the paint and finishes, and remove allergens from the ventilation system.
   Studies have found that tidy spaces – your home, office, and even your vehicle – do wonders for the mind, helping to relieve stress, boost performance, and help you feel more energetic and happier. That’s right. A clean car can affect the way you think."

2021 Mindful Car Detailing San Diego, CA 

1. Recently detailed cars/SUVs/trucks only can fit the Mindful Maintenance Plan. 

2. The Mindful Special Plan is valid only if you book one maintenance once a month. (3 total)

3. Pre-pay is required before your first detailing​ session.

4. The price listed is for a sedan size car.
A $75 extra fee for oversized vehicles can be paid later.

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    Maintenance Plan

    The love your car deserves on a regular basis. Join Now! 🚘✨
    Valid for 3 months
    • 💎 Dedicated to keeping your car Enhanced & Protected
    • ▪ Thorough vacuum of every inch of your interior
    • ▪ Air pressure dedusting followed by plush detail brushes
    • ▪ Dash & console detail (All instruments panels are cleaned)
    • ▪ Door panels cleaned with new microfiber towels
    • ▪ Interior Windows cleaned & coated with Rain-X Anti Fog
    • ▪ Leather cleansing: pH balanced for efficient/safe cleaning
    • ▪ Leather conditioner that nourishes, protects & preserves
    • 🍃 100% Natural & Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products
    • ▪ Vehicle pre rinsed, Snow foam applied to the entire car.
    • ▪ Wheels cleaned using a safe, non-acidic cleanse
    • ▪ Rinsed thoroughly using a light pressure washer.
    • ▪ Carefully washed using microfiber mitt & two-bucket method
    • ▪ Air blower used to remove excess water from crevices
    • ▪ Entire car & door-jambs dried using microfiber soft towel
    • ▪ Exterior windows cleaned using RainX (water beading)
    • ▪ Tire Gel-Coat (Satin or Glossy finish)
    • ▪ Paint Protect: Wax or Sealant (Wax Included)
    • Wax Durability: 1 month if your car is parked outside
    • Sealant Durability: 4-6 months (+$65)
    • --------- 💧 ---------
    • *$75 extra fee for oversized vehicles
    • *A water source is required at your location