Please read carefully: 

🍃Maintenance Rules 

2021 Mindful Detailing San Diego, CA 

1. Recently detailed cars/SUVs/trucks only can fit the Mindful Maintenance Plan. 

2. The Mindful Special Plan is valid only if you book one maintenance once a month. (3 total)

3. Pre-pay is required before your first detailing​ session.

4. The price listed is for a sedan size car.
A $75 extra fee for oversized vehicles can be paid later.

  • Best package for well-cared cars. Keep your car enhanced & protected.

Range Rover (Before)
Range Rover (After)
Mindful Mobile Car Detailing _ Porsche D
Mindful Mobile Auto Detailing San Diego
Paint Correction | Mindful Car Detailing
Before and After Car Detailing, Mindful Mobile Detailing
Steam Cleaning Mobile Car Detailing