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Specifically designed detail to prepare your vehicle for sale. Gives attention to areas that buyers are most concerned about. (Duration 3-4 HRS)

  • Addresses Interior and Exterior + Engine Bay

  • Can easily ADD $1,000-2,000 to re-sale value

  • Great value for the money

What's included:


  • Thorough vacuum of every inch of your interior(includes trunk). No crack or crevice is overlooked.

  • Deep clean floor mats and upholstery (Shampoo & Steam Clean)

  • Leather deep clean and condition (Steam clean)

  • Deep clean dash/console and door panels + UV protection

  • Weather mats degreased

  • Removal of door entry scuff/skid marks from shoe transfer

  • Rain-X Interior glass cleaned


  • Gentle Hand Foam Wash (scratch free wash)

  • Plush microfiber towel dry

  • Bug and Tar Removal

  • Wheels are pre-treated and cleaned to remove stubborn brake dust. Wheel arches are degreased and dressed to give your vehicle that extra POP it needs to stand out.

  • High Quality Polymer SiO2 Sealant is applied to provide protection, gloss, and excellent hydrophobic properties.

  • Degrease and dress tires

  • Engine Bay Steam Clean Detail

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Before and After Sessions - CX-5 Mazda Interior Detailed

Before and After Sessions - 2005 BMW Swirls Removed


10 Ways To Get Dog Hair Out Of The Car

Dog owners love to have their furry friends in their cars - they are part of the family and provide emotional support that is almost therapeutic. However, getting the dog hair out of the car afterwards can be difficult and tiresome. While vacuuming seems like the most obvious solution, it always seems to leave many small hairs behind. Here are some other ways to keep the car interior dog hair-free.to avoid giving your dog the wrong lessons is to identify common training mistakes so you don't make them.

A Rubber Kitchen Glove

To use the rubber glove method, wear the glove and dip your fingers in water to make them wet, then rub the interior car surfaces in one direction. This will form the hair into large clumps that can easily be picked up or vacuumed. Alternatively, you can mist the upholstery lightly with water and sweep it with your gloved hands - the dog hair should collect at your fingertips. You can also substitute a slightly damp sponge or washcloth for the glove.

Velcro Curlers

Old school self-sticking hair curlers are great tools for picking up stray hairs. Simply use them like a lint brush and run them throughout the car to pick the hair up. Since they don't contain any adhesives like lint brushes do, they can be used repeatedly without losing their effectiveness. Simply pull the hair from the roller and keep brushing.


Balloons have a static quality that attracts hair, which makes this a very interesting technique and also one of the best ways to get dog hair out of cars. Just rub the balloon over the target surfaces of the car and watch the hair jump up from the upholstery and stick to the balloon. You can re-use the balloon once you have removed the dog hair, but unfortunately it's a bit challenging to remove the hair from the balloon. It's probably easier to just inflate another.

Fabric Softener

Fabric softener contains ingredients that loosen hair, making this one the best ways to get the stubborn strands out of your car seats and carpeting. Mix a few teaspoons of fabric softener with water in a spray bottle and lightly spray your upholstery. Wipe with a paper towel, let the upholstery dry and vacuum any leftover pet hair.

Duct Tape or Packing Tape

Any wide tape will do, but duct tape is the strongest. Simply roll the tape around your hand with the sticky side out until your hand is covered. Press it against the fabric and carpet to lift pet hair away.

A Vacuum Built For The Job

Sometimes the vacuum cleaner is the most efficient way, but you can make things easier if you use the right one. If the regular hose or brush isn't picking up all the hair, use a pet hair attachment or brush attachment with rubber bristles. These use the same concept as the balloon and rubber gloves - static electricity. If you simply need more power, try the heavy-duty vacuum at your local self-serve car wash.

Brush Before Driving

Giving your dog's coat a good brushing before they go into the car removes the loose hairs that would end up in your carpets and seats. Use the correct type of brush for your dog's coat type so you can collect as much hair as possible.

Seat Covers

The pet rider or seat cover keeps pet hair off your seats. It can be easily removed and washed, but be sure to remove excess hair before washing to keep it from clogging your washer or dryer.

Harness and/or Crate The Dog

Harnessing or crating your pets while in transit will limit the hair to a smaller area. It will also keep your dog safe as you travel.

No Dogs In The Car

It's not a popular solution, especially if you love to have your dog with you when you're driving alone or traveling with your family. In fact, it can feel like leaving a member of the family behind. However, if your dog sheds a lot or its hair type is especially hard to remove, it may be the only option if dog hair on the seats really bothers you.

Depending on the type and texture of your dog's coat and how much it sheds, you may need to try all of the techniques above to remove it completely. Some dog hair is relatively easy to vacuum while other types seem to embed themselves deeply in the seats or carpeting. What works for someone else may not work for you, but hopefully these methods will help keep your car dog hair free.

Have any experience with shedding dogs in your car? Have any tips that other dog owners should know? Share with our fans using the comments below:

Profound Exterior Rejuvenation

Before and After a Mindful Paint Enhancement.

🔰 Drastically improves the appearance of your car. Includes Machine Buff & Polish. 🔰 Your paint finish will shine and feel smooth like polished glass. Machine buffing process that will remove harmful environmental contaminants, surface scratches and scuffs. The results are amazing. Customers says: “I’ve never seen my car so beautiful and shiny like this before!” ⚡ What's included: ✔ Mindful and Gentle Hand Foam Wash & Detail ✔ Decontaminate all glass and paint (Clay Bar) ✔ Wheel brake dust removal ✔ Degrease and dress wheel arches ✔ Tire Cleaning and Degreasing ✔ High Gloss Tire Shine ✔ Microfiber Spot Free Dry ✔ Clay Bar Paint Treatment ✔ Paint Contamination Removal ✔ Paint Stain Removal ✔ Headlight and Tail light Polishing ✔ Multi Stage Machine Paint Polishing ✔ Removal of Surface Scratches ✔ Surface Paint Imperfections Removed ✔ Paint Oxidation Removal ✔ Crystal Wax Paint Sealant Applied (6 months of protection) ✔ Exterior Chrome and Metal Polishing 🥇San Diego’s 5-Star Rated Automotive Aesthetics Specialists on Google & Yelp.⁣⁣⁣⠀⠀ ⁣⁣⁣⠀⠀ 📱Schedule your appointment Online At:⁣⁣⁣⠀⠀ www.MindfulDetailing.com⁣⁣⁣⠀ ⚡Get 15% Off 1st Time Customer coupon code: Mindful

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