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How Cleanliness Impacts Your Life

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Who would want to live in a messy environment? Having a clean car environment is important for mindful people because it impacts health, satisfaction, and promotes a positive appearance. The bottom line is when everyone is healthy, productivity increases and everyone shares in the benefits. Dashboard, cup holders, door panels, buttons and etc.. should be cleaned regularly to maintain their visual appeal and extend their useful life. Paint surface & Tires should have an even gloss as well as always be free of scratches, scuffs and black marks. Seats, Carpets & Mats need to be vacuumed frequently and should be free of spots and stains (bacteria). All of this will not only prevent unnecessary replacement costs but also contributes to great first impressions, as well as a healthy environment for your ride and your company.

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Mindful Detailing Before and After

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