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Bi-Monthly Maintenance



Every 2 months

Perfect Plan for the Less-Driven, Garage-Kept Vehicles.

Valid until canceled

Gentle, high-quality soap wash to protect paintwork.

Thorough vacuuming and surface wipe-down

Premium wax application and polish for lasting shine.

Detailed cleaning and treatment for wheels and tires.

Meticulous cleaning for crystal-clear visibility.

Rigorous inspection to ensure top-quality results.

Less Is More:
Bi-Monthly Care for Your Cherished Car

Bi-Monthly Detailing: Precision cleaning and detailing every two months, tailored to vehicles that see less wear and tear.

Personalized Care: Each session is customized to your vehicle's specific needs, ensuring perfect upkeep.

Convenience: Book appointments at your leisure, with flexible scheduling to fit your less frequent needs.

Value for Money: Enjoy all the benefits of regular detailing at a frequency that suits your car's lifestyle, at a cost-effective price point.

Peace of Mind: Rest easy knowing your treasured vehicle is maintained by professionals, preserving its beauty and value.

Mindful Mobile Car Detailing
Our Commitment to Excellence By the Numbers

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