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Selecting a mobile auto detailing to take your car for regular cleaning seems like an easy thing to do. However, the truth is that each auto detailer is different and uses various types of equipment, techniques and products to offer their services. Today, we want to talk about the four top reasons why you should choose our car detailing services in San Diego, CA.


When it comes to auto detailing and care, it is important to take the time to do do it correctly, use premium quality cleaning products to avoid damaging the car’s components, eco-friendly and most importantly, have the knowledge to clean the whole vehicle thoroughly properly increasing it's quality and durability. Mindful Detailing staff is highly trained in professional car cleaning services to guarantee that your vehicle is being washed and detailed efficiently and in a safe way with one purpose: Mindfully exceed our Customers expectations.


At Mindful Mobile Car Detailing, we aim to be the best car detail company in the vehicle cleaning industry. To achieve our goal, we not only hire the most capable staff but also invest in specialized vehicle cleaning equipment (Steam Cleaning, Strong Vacuum, Swirl Killers Polisher...) and High Grade Quality products from the best Auto Care World companies as Chemical Guys, 3D, Griot's Garage, Meguiars.. Having high-end technology guarantees that each car is being cleaned with the highest standards of quality.


Our clients are our number one asset, and our goal is to achieve a 100% satisfaction rate. So, if we fail in our mission of exceeding your expectations, we will wash your vehicle for free until you are satisfied with our service.


The best part is that you will get our VIP vehicle cleaning services and our unparalleled customer service at very competitive prices, so you get the most out of your investment. Hey! Don't forget to use the coupon code: mindful Online Bookings at

Video: Mindful Mobile Car Detailing San Diego Mini Coper Exterior Rejuvenation Service Description:

Your paint finish will shine and feel smooth like polished glass. Machine buffing process that will remove harmful environmental contaminants, surface scratches and scuffs. The results are amazing. Customers says: “I’ve never seen my car so beautiful and shiny like this before!” What's included:

✔ Mindful and Gentle Hand Foam Wash & Detail

✔ Decontaminate all glass and paint (Clay Bar)

✔ Wheel brake dust removal

✔ Degrease and dress wheel arches

✔ Tire Cleaning and Degreasing

✔ High Gloss Tire Shine

✔ Microfiber Spot Free Dry

✔ Clay Bar Paint Treatment

✔ Paint Contamination Removal

✔ Paint Stain Removal

✔ Headlight and Tail light Polishing

✔ One Stage Swirl Killer Machine Paint Polishing

✔ Removal of Surface Scratches

✔ Surface Paint Imperfections Removed

✔ Paint Oxidation Removal

✔ Crystal Wax Paint Sealant Applied (6 months of protection)

✔ Exterior Chrome and Metal Polishing

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