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Hand Car Wash

Mindful, Through,

Clean & Shiny! Shiny!


Clay removes from the paint what washing cannot.
Paint finish Smooth as Glass.
 Feels Great!!


Remove minor blemishes, including surface scratches, swirl marks and imperfections.
The paint finish will feel perfectly smooth & Shiny.

car coating

Better than waxing & 
glossing, lasts longer, looks better and
 prevents oxidation.
This is an extremely valuable treatment
 highly recommended by Professional Car Detailers.
 Excellent Deal!

Be Mindful:

• Why should you keep your car clean?

• People with clean cars are healthier.

• The positive psychology behind a clean atmosphere

• ​We are committed to mindfully exceed Customer expectations

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•  The Greater San Diego, CA, USA

•  858-285-9696

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