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Mindful Detailing Can Easily Increase The Resale Value Of Your Car.

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Specifically designed detail to prepare your vehicle for sale. Gives attention to areas that buyers are most concerned about. (Duration 3-4 HRS)


  • Addresses Interior and Exterior + Engine Bay

  • Can easily ADD $1,000-2,000 to re-sale value

  • Great value for the money


What's included:


  • Thorough vacuum of every inch of your interior(includes trunk). No crack or crevice is overlooked.

  • Deep clean floor mats and upholstery (Shampoo & Steam Clean)

  • Leather deep clean and condition (Steam clean)

  • Deep clean dash/console and door panels + UV protection

  • Weather mats degreased

  • Removal of door entry scuff/skid marks from shoe transfer

  • Rain-X Interior glass cleaned


  • Gentle Hand Foam Wash (scratch free wash)

  • Plush microfiber towel dry

  • Bug and Tar Removal

  • Wheels are pre-treated and cleaned to remove stubborn brake dust. Wheel arches are degreased and dressed to give your vehicle that extra POP it needs to stand out.

  • High Quality Polymer SiO2 Sealant is applied to provide protection, gloss, and excellent hydrophobic properties.

  • Degrease and dress tires

  • Engine Bay Steam Clean Detail

Mindful Mobile Car Detailing San Diego, CA Schedule Your Appointment Online:
Before and After Sessions - CX-5 Mazda Interior Detailed

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