🔥 How To Kill All Viruses In Your Car? Mindful Detailing

• The most effective weapon against #COVID-19 is steam and soap. A special attention to door handles, steering wheel, shifter, seatbelt buckles, seats, buttons, dashboards and other surfaces you touch the most.

Soap and steam interacts with viruses in much the same way it does oils: it breaks them down and kill it. So a mindful steam soap scrub detail will annihilate any viruses in your car, and soap is unlikely to degrade your interior surfaces the way many cleaners can.

🔥 Why You Must Get Your Car Cleaned? ⠀

We Have The Best Interior Purification Detail Package. Have a look! The Profound Interior Detailing comprises deep cleaning treatments that remove the dirt, bacteria and odors from every part of the interior, bringing all the various materials back to their very best.


- Gets your seats and fabrics fresh and clean.

- Gives attention to all the hard to reach areas.

- Brings back that new car feeling.

What's Included:

✔ Meticulously vacuum every inch of your interior (includes trunk). No crack or crevice is overlooked.

✔ Deep clean floor mats and upholstery (Shampoo & steam clean)

✔ Fabric Guard all upholstery (includes floor mats)

✔ Leather deep clean and protection (Steam clean)

✔ Leather cream Protectant (UV protection and high resistance)

✔ Deep clean dash/console and door panels + UV protection

✔ Removal of all door entry scuff/skid marks from shoe transfer

✔ Weather mats professionally cleaned

✔ Interior windows cleaned

✔ The finish of interior enhanced: treated surfaces as leather, rubber, plastic, and vinyl will look darker, newer, having an elegant satin finish.