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Benefits of Paint Correction

Scratches, swirls and oxidation can leave your car’s paint finish looking dull and uneven. Fortunately, automobile detailers have a few options for correcting paint. Waxing and polishing, for example, are generally reserved for paint that is in good shape and can help to remedy minor blemishes.

When the paint has major issues, you might need to opt for the more substantial paint correction service. Essentially, paint correction service repairs the clear coat, which is the outermost layer of paint. Blemishes that run deeper into the clear coat, i.e. scratches, deep swirls and oxidation, which leave the paint looking powdery or dull, can all be reversed with a paint correction service.

How Does a Paint Correction Work?

Paint correction starts with high-pressure spray, foam car soap wash and Clay Bar Treatment. This removes the fine dirt, grime and pollutants from the vehicle’s paint. Next, the paint is “cut.” Essentially, this means an abrasive compound (a cutting compound) is applied to the exterior of the vehicle.

Cutting compounds are gritty and they even the clear coat, helping to remove damaged paint, scuff marks or surface scratches in the clear coat. Oxidation, for example, typically occurs in the outermost layers of the clear coat. Cutting the paint removes these layers that have been damaged.

Once the damage has been removed, the new surface is buffed, and a coat of wax, and in some cases sealant, is applied. This ensures the paint is protected, but also creates the wet, sleek-looking shine.

Our paint correction service includes several different steps, including:

* High-pressure spray and detergent wash * Cutting compounds applied to smooth surface * High-pressure rinse to remove compounds * Trim treatments * Buffing to reduce residue and smooth and refine the clear coat * Sealant and/or protectant applied * Exterior rubber and vinyl rejuvenation * Blacken and high-gloss applied to tires Paint cutting is a complex task that requires specialized equipment and knowledge of the product. Hiring an auto detailing service is often the best option for most people.

What Are the Benefits of Paint Correction?

  • First, it will add years to the paint. Scratches and oxidation leave the clear coat exposed. Over time, water, chemicals, dirt and pollutants collect in these cuts and scrapes, further eating away at the paint. Ultimately, this can cause corrosion and rusting, a costly problem to reverse. Paint correction removes these small scratches and protects them.

  • Second, a major benefit of any polish or paint correction service is the shine. Paint correction restores the clear coat. When buffed, the shiny, wet appearance will return to the paint. Your car will look years younger and the paint will look newer, brighter and more vibrant.

  • Finally, paint correction service restores exterior vinyl and accents. The key benefit is the new shine of the paint. Yet, a secondary benefit is the rejuvenation of exterior accents and parts. Vinyl and rubber bumpers are rejuvenated with specialized products, as are the tires and rubber accents.

Mindful Detailing provides car detailing services throughout San Diego, CA. Schedule a car detail service with Victor F. The Master Detailer today.

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