🔰 Ceramic Coating Application

Ensures unmatched ways for the paintwork preservation of your new car.

Service Description

🔹 What's included: ✔️ Mindful & Gentle Hand Foam Wash & Detail ✔️ Wheel brake dust removal (Brush Detail) ✔️ Tire Cleaning and Degreasing ✔️ Clay Bar Treatment (very smooth uniform paint surface) ✔️ Paint Contamination Removal ✔️ Plush Microfiber and Air-pressure Drying Spot Free ✔️ Tire Gel-Coat (Long Shine and Extra Grip) ✔️ Rain-X All Windows (Water repellent) 💎 One Layer of CarPro Ceramic Coating on the paint finish. (2 years durability) 🔸 You also have a choice of 3 ceramic coat finishes: ◾ Standard Ceramic which will last around 2 years on a daily driver. ◾ A double Ceramic layer lasting up to 4-5 years ◾ Graphene coating can last up to 5 years (we can discuss these options) ⚠️If your paintwork is looking a bit dull and has lost its shine but you don’t want to go for a full intensive detail then the Paint Correction and Enhancement detail are the ones to choose.

  • 3 hours
  • Starting at $499
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