The Dark Side of Automated Car Washes

Taking a nice car to a mechanized or "full-service" car wash is like going to the best steakhouse in town and ordering your prime rib well done. It's a waste of money, and for bona fide car guys, it can be painful to watch because it's actually pretty bad for your car. Sure, there are some places that will properly wash your car using skilled detailers and high-quality products, but you're going to pay so handily for that service, you may as well just hire someone to come out and clean it in your own driveway.

You're putting about a billion tiny scratches in your paint

OK, even if you forget about the acid for a second, you're still hurting your paint every time you go to an automatic car wash. Remember those horrific giant spinning monsters from decades past that would maul your car to get the dirt off? Those are mostly extinct today, but even the "softer" brushes repeatedly slap against your car and drag across its paint, carrying with them a bunch of dirt, not just from your car, but from the car in front of you, and the one in front of it, etc. Each particle is essentially a tiny piece of sandpaper eating away at your car's paint.

I remember when I did polishing procedures on my black BMW. It was perfect. Shiny and swirl-free. I applied Silica Sealant to protect the paint after the process. Then I decide to test the sealant protection level and capacity to repel contaminants at an automated car wash here in San Diego. I was inside of my car, watching those brushes spin with colored soap and fancy a party! I concluded:

Hand-drying at car washes isn't great either!!

Humans! These are found at the most expensive, fanciest car washes. They're the best, right? Not quite. Take a look at the rags they use!! I opened my window and comment: "Are you going to use the same towel from the last car to dry mine? What professionalism!" Pay attention to how many times those rags get dropped on the ground and picked back up. I wonder if car wash owners provide their employees with courses on how to correctly touch a car. I digress... I survived, my BMW, well...before it was swirl-free, Silica Coating applied, and very shiny! But when I left my car to inspect the paint, even with the Silica Shield, it did not resist those brittle brushes. FULLY scratched again. Swirls everywhere. It seems that I did nothing before.

Long-story short, even automated car washes WITH human dryers, can substantially deteriorate and damage your car's paint and protection.



✔ Complete Bio-Degradable Foam Wash

✔ Bug and Tar Removal

✔ Wheels and Wheel well Cleaning

✔ Microfiber Spot Free Dry

✔ Tire Cleaning and Degreasing

✔ High Gloss Tire Shine

✔ Engine Cleaning and Dressing

✔ Clay Bar Paint Treatment

✔ Paint Contamination Removal

✔ Paint Stain Removal

✔ Headlight and Tail light Polishing

✔ Multi Stage Professional Machine Paint Polishing

✔ Removal of Surface Scratches

✔ Surface Paint Imperfections Removed

✔ Paint Oxidation Removal

✔ Premium ION+ Paint Sealant Applied (12 months of Protection)

✔ Exterior Chrome and Metal Polishing


✔ Vacuuming & Air Pressure Detail

✔ Carpet and Mats Steam Shampooing

✔ Carpets and Mats Bacteria Extraction

✔ Cloth Seats Vapor Shampooing

✔ Cloth Seats Soil Extraction

✔ Deep Vapor Clean Leather Seats

✔ Leather Conditioning & UV Protection

✔ Dash Board & Door Panels

✔ Dash Board Conditioning with Premium UV Protection Care

✔ Middle Console Cleaning

✔ Plastic and Vinyl UV Protection

✔ Complete Headliner Shampooing

✔ Woodgrain and Chrome Trims Polished

✔ Windows & Mirrors Cleaned In/Out

✔ Rain-X Window Treatment

✔ Steam Clean Door Jambs and Seals

✔ Rubber Seal Conditioning with UV Protection

✔ Trunk Cleaned and Steam Shampooing

✔ Instrument Panel Mindfully Cleaning

✔ Air Vents Steam Cleaned

✔ Air Freshener (if requested) This is the Powerful Mindful Detailing Package. More info at: Mindful Detailing

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